England 2022

Hostfamilies  After the arrival we met our host families who were all very nice.” (Neele)  “While we were on the ferry, we had our very first conversation with a native English speaker. The lady was very kind and it was funny and interesting to talk to her.” (Leni & Eva)  “After arriving at our home for this week, we met our host family. They are very friendly and helpful and they have two little and cute dogs. There are also other students from Austria, Panama, France and also young Germans who come from Cologne. We eat together and they told us that they were very excited to learn English and live the British life.” (Adrian & Kai)  „I really like our host family but I think the dog is planning to attack us.” (Sarah) “The cat is very lovely but I have never eaten that much cat hair before.” (Marie) … England 2022 weiterlesen