England 2023

Day 1: The way there Today is the day everybody was waiting for. At 2:30 am, we met at the Ascheberger Parkplatz and waited for our bus. After the bus arrived, we all got on board and took our seats. First, our bus driver told us about our route and how long it was going to take. After that, it became quiet. Most of the students were asleep at this point as the journey continued.The first highlight of our journey was our stop in Belgium, which had a Starbucks and a Burger King. This was the place where we first had a good meal and restored our energy. Then the trip continued, but before we could board the ferry, we had to go through border patrol, where we had to show our passports. On the ferry, we had a mediocre meal that included a variety of English foods. At the … England 2023 weiterlesen